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Technology Tools

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In alphabetical order, here are the tools we used for this group project.


  • Ex Libris
    • Ex Libris is an ezine for librarians. The page linked here is the source of the quotations on the backs of the bookmarks. 
  • Facebook/Fakebook generator
    • This website lets you create (in slightly outdated format) a document that looks like a Facebook pages' wall postings. As the site notes, it's great for class activities that might ask students to reimagine a novel in the form of a Facebook news feed.
  • Google Groups and Google Docs
    • The Google suite of productivity tools is useful for collaborative writing/editing and communication. We used the groups function to set up a discussion board for our group (that doubled as a listserv that sends out all posted messages via email). You can access Google Groups through your St. Kate's webmail (there's a link for "Groups" at the top of the page).
  • Kaywa
    • Kaywa is a free, web-based QR code generator. There a number of such utilities available online. You might also need to find QR code readers for your smartphones for decoding. 
  • Mindomo
    • Mindomo is an online mind-mapping (concept mapping) tool that helps visualize relationships between ideas. We used it to explore how the individual topics we chose might fit together for the overall presentation. See our mind map at Technology Presentation.
  • PBworks
    • PBworks offers free wiki hosting. We used the site for this digital handout, Annotated Technology. Wikis are great for creating simple web sites that allow for multiple collaborators. We wanted to introduce you all to PBworks in particular because at least a couple of the MLIS student groups have wikis on this site: St. Kate's ALA student chapter and Progressive Librarians Guild. They use the space for meeting minutes, discussions, and sharing of information.
  • PollEverywhere
    • PollEverywhere is an online resource for creating interactive polls that update in real-time for presentations and other forums. 
  • Prezi
    • Prezi is an online, flash-based presentation program. It is particularly interesting for its camera-zooming approach to moving around the presentation.


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